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.308 Short Range Tactical Ammo

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.308 Short Range Tactical Ammo

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Product Description

• 7.62x51mm Caliber
• DAG Manufacture
• Berdan Primed
• Plastic Projectile
• Plastic Case
• Non-Corrosive
• 50rd Box

The newly developed .308 SRT was engineered for modern law enforcement and military personnel who require the legendary stopping power of the .308 without suffering the over-penetration common to the heavy bullet.

These lead-free rounds are frangible and will fragment on hard surfaces that might cause a lead-core bullet to ricochet. A special coated copper jacket surrounds a compressed tungsten powder core to reduce the bullet’s velocity, producing lower recoil and minimizing muzzle flash, thus allowing faster second shot placement.

The dense tungsten core allows it to penetrate less dense materials with ease, while still remaining frangible.While lead-core munitions are susceptible to over-penetration, these rounds have 745 ft. lbs. of energy combinedwith a 100% kinetic energy drop, making them the safest yet most lethal CQB/Training round manufactured anywhere in the world today.

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